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Just Right Child Care

Parent Policy Handbook

Welcome to Just Right Child Care (JRCC).  This Parent Policy Handbook has been designed to provide you with information about our program and policies. Please read it carefully and keep it for future reference. Open, two-way communication is important to our success in caring for and educating your child. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or comments concerning the centre, please feel free to speak to our staff or the Director.


JRCC believes that children learn through play and exploration of their environment and are entitled to opportunities that support all areas of their development. JRCC believes in fostering active learning, multiculturalism, inclusion, creativity, independence, and parent involvement by providing experiences for positive interactions between children, staff, parents and the community.

 Mission Statement:

At JRCC our mission is to encourage and include every child to be engaged in stimulating play and developmental appropriate learning activities.  Our programming is reflective of our belief in inclusion practices that invites every child, no matter their ability, belief or life preference to participate in all aspects of our programming.

 Inclusion Policy Statement:

JRCC is committed to practicing inclusion principles on a daily basis. All children are considered on an individual basis and JRCC staff will work collaboratively with families and other professionals in order to achieve projected outcomes for each child.

JRCC is the Place that loves children and the Place that children love!

We believe that everyone has the freedom and choice to do what they feel is best for their child. Therefore, as stated in section A11 s3.1 Regulated child care settings welcome mothers to breastfeed anywhere in the facility or home.

JRCC is a smoke free property in compliance with the Nova Scotia Legislative Statute Smoke Free Places Act. (Refer to http://nslegistature.ca/legc/statutes/smokefree.htm) As a licensed daycare facility, we are under obligation to report ANY indications of child abuse or endangerment to a child’s wellbeing while on JRCC property.

 Programs and Activities:

There are four groups at JRCC: (18 months-35 months); (3 years-4 years); (5 years-6 years) & (7 years-12 years).   We employ full-time teachers specialized in Early Childhood Education/equivalent and Special Needs, as well as a cook, office administrator and substitutes. The daily schedule include teacher-directed group activities (called group or circle times); supervised independent outdoor and indoor play; a one to two hour rest period or quiet time (after lunch); art, science, multi-cultural and music exploration; supervised teacher-directed outdoor and indoor play (organized non-competitive games); and nutritious snacks and lunch.

 The daily routine is flexible and responsive to the needs of the children and the program.  You will be informed in advance about any special events or major changes to the routine.

 Hours of Operation:

JRCC is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Teacher/child ratios will be fulfilled at all times, including breaks. You will be expected to identify regular times of arrival and departure at enrollment, if possible. These times are expected to correspond to your work or school hours. In the case of a non-working parent/guardian, we recommend a core program of no more than 8 hours. Notice of changes which will affect arrival and departure times, should be directed to your child’s teacher.

Regular arrival and departure times are important for your child’s routine and the centre, since child/teacher ratios must be met at all times.  Due to child/teacher ratio we cannot accept child who arrive after 9:30 a.m.  

General Holidays:

If a designated holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the holiday will be observed on the Monday following. If any of these holidays fall on your child’s regular scheduled day then payment is still required. JRCC is closed on the following holidays:

 Statutory Holidays:                                     Additional Holidays:

New Year’s Day                                            Easter Monday

Good Friday                                                  Victoria Day                          

Canada Day                                                  Civic Holiday (August)

Labor Day                                                     Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day                                              Remembrance Day

Nova Scotia Heritage Day (February)             Boxing Day                                                                                                                                   

Storm Days:

JRCC will not close for winter storms unless traveling is deemed dangerous and announced by RCMP, Department of Transportation or other such official. JRCC will have an announcement on the radio or website, Magic 94.9 as well as our voice mail will indicate closure and you may receive a text to notify you of the closure. If roads are bad and the centre is opened it may be operating on limited teachers. If you decide to keep your child at home please call the centre and leave a message by 9:30 a.m. If adequate numbers of teachers are not available you or the person who is dropping off your child will be required to stay with your child until teacher/child ratios are met.

 Child Attendance:

A staff member will record the required arrival and departure times sign-in sheet each day your child attends JRCC. Your child is expected to attend each day according to their set days in order to benefit fully from the program designed for your child’s social and cognitive growth.

 Christmas Closing:

JRCC may be closed, but not always, during the Christmas season from Dec 25 to Jan 1. JRCC will re-open the next business day following New Year’s Day. Parents will be informed ahead of time if there will be an extended closure.

Vacation Days:

Children enrolled are entitled to the same amount of days for the duration of a normal week of attendance. For example, a child that attends 4 days a week is entitled to 4 days vacation.

Vacation time is granted only if your child has been in attendance for at least ten consecutive months. And can only be used once during a calendar year. 

Outings/Field Trips:

JRCC on occasion will arrange off site field trips which require transportation and supervision. Parents must transport and those who stay with their child(ren) on such trips will be solely responsible for their child(ren) and not the responsibility of JRCC until they return to the facility. If you are not available to supervise your child, than JRCC will be responsible for your child(ren) for the duration of the trip. All field trips require a consent form which will be provided for you to fill out and sign. Offsite outings require only parents to transport their own child to and from the location. Therefore, all field trips will be within walking distance or will be brought onsite at JRCC, unless all parents are willing to transport their child(ren) to and from the site.

 Just Right Child Care is conscious of travel that’s why we will be opened from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. If you are late picking up your child a fee of $10 per 15 minutes may be charged.

 Individual Program Plans (IPP) and Routine Base Intervention Plans (RBIP):

Each child ‘blooms’ at different stages, therefore your child may need an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) or Routine Base Intervention Plan (RBIP). An IPP or RBIP will be developed if it is determined that your child would benefit from such a program. The program will be in the areas of self-help, large and small motor, communication, cognitive, social and play skills.  The teachers will keep you updated about your child’s progress through daily communication and regular meetings to discuss your child’s progress, goals and objectives.  You will work with the teachers and your child’s specialist (if applicable) to determine the goals for your child’s program.

 Your Child’s First Day:

Each child after registering and accepted to attend JRCC will be invited to a tour of the facility and sit in for an hour with their assigned teacher to see how the child responds to the teacher and other children.  This promotes a ‘peace of mind’ for parents. 

 This is a very important day for your child.  Children who are introduced to a child care setting with the help of their parent/guardian tend to cope better with their new situation.  The introduction helps to open lines of communication between parent/guardian and teachers so that special information about your child can be shared; in addition you and your child become familiar with the environment, the teachers, the routine and the activities at JRCC.

You will be asked some questions and required to fill out forms prior to enrollment of your child/children. We suggest the following ideas for your child’s introduction to our centre:

  • You bring your child and visit the centre together the first day. This should be a brief visit with you in attendance for the first hour or so.
  • If taking time off is not possible for you, we suggest bringing your child in early the first few mornings and spending that time together.
  • We suggest that your child’s first few days be shorter than normal if that is possible so that his/her days are not too overwhelming and tiring.
  • If this is your child’s first child care experience, you and your child may need some extra support. The teachers will assist you and your child through the transition. Please feel free to share your concerns and feelings with them.

Arrivals and Departures:


  • You must bring your child in the centre.  His/her outerwear must be removed in the cubby area and placed in his/her cubby.
  •  Your child must be escorted into the playroom and greeted by a teacher. Our responsibility for your child does not begin until he/she is in the care of a teacher. Children are not to be left at the door or in the cubby area.
  • A teacher will sign the attendance sheet for you, noting the date and time of arrival and departure. This allows us to see who is on the premises during fire drills and emergencies and to keep attendance records.
  • Please notify the centre before 9:30 a.m. if your child will not be attending or will be late (please give an estimated time of arrival).
  • Your child is expected to be at the centre by 9:30 a.m. This enables your child to take part in all planned activities and allows the cook to adequately prepare for lunch. In addition, field trips may start at this time.
  • We cannot guarantee acceptance at the centre after 9:30 a.m. due to possible outings. We will not be able to wait for late children and will leave for outings promptly to be back in time for lunch. You may be able to meet us at our destination or you may bring your child when we return to the centre.


  • We expect you to pick up your child. In the event that you are unable to do so, notify the centre in advance regarding who will be coming for your child and an approximate time.
  • Teachers will only release your child to those persons listed on the authorization form at the time of enrollment. Please keep us updated with any changes to this authorization list.
  • If you want someone not listed on the authorization form to pick up your child, you must inform us in writing. If this is not possible, we must be able to contact you for authorization or we will not release your child to the person.
  • We will not release children to anyone under fourteen years old.
  • The centre closes at 5:30 p.m. It is our policy to call the Police Department and Family and Children Services to inform them of the situation if no contact with the parents/guardian or authorized persons have been made by 6:30 p.m. If your child is not picked up by 5:30 p.m. there may be a ‘late fee’ charge of $10 for every 15 minutes.
  • A JRCC Teacher will escort school age children to and from the bus stop

Your Child’s Needs:

Requirements for Enrollment:

Before your child will be enrolled and included on the schedule, the following must be received:

  • A fully completed application form
  • Your child’s most up to date immunization record/or waiver
  • A one weeks, non-refundable, deposit

JRCC’s programs are designed to encourage and facilitate active learning and development through exploration and play.

  • Children should wear inexpensive but comfortable clothing so that they can participate in all aspects of the program.
  • All items of clothing and footwear should be clearly labeled with your child’s name or initials.
  • While every effort is made to protect your child’s clothing and possessions from loss or damage, the centre cannot guarantee that this will not happen. Please check the Lost and Found box regularly.
  • Your child will need a small blanket and optional pillow for rest period, indoor shoes (sneakers are best, but no slippers please) and a complete change of clothing (underwear, socks, pants, shirt, etc. – just in case!). Your child will also need a box of Kleenex.
  • Your child’s possessions will be stored in his/her designated cubby. Please check here for notices, artwork, soiled clothing and other items which your child may want to bring home. Cubbies may be cleaned out over the weekend, therefore please remove extra items on Fridays.
  • If your child is being toilet-trained, you are responsible for providing approximately 15-20 diapers per week and any special toileting supplies that your child needs. The teachers will keep you updated on your child’s diaper needs.
  • There may be times that your child is asked to bring something from home. We ask that personal possessions such as toys, books and treats be left at home unless we request them. This helps prevent possible problems associated with sharing these items with classmates and possible loss or damage.
  • Your child may bring a safe comfort item for rest period such as a plush or stuffed toy, doll or favorite nap time blanket.
  • Please send your child in the appropriate outdoor clothing for the day. We try to go outside at least twice a day for walks, outdoor play or field trips, and in all kinds of weather!

Following is a list of seasonal outerwear that your child may require and please label all your child’s belongings:


  • A Sweater
  • Rain jacket/Warm jacket
  • Rain boots
  • Sneakers or Sandals
  • Full set of Extra Clothes (Including underwear and socks)
  • Tissue box
  • Splash pants
  • Indoor Shoes (No slippers, dress shoes or heels)
  • Light Mittens or Gloves
  • Sun Hat
  • Shorts or Light pants
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit & Towel


  • A Sweater
  • Rain Jacket/Warm Jacket
  • Rain boots
  • Winter boots
  • Full set of extra clothes (Including underwear and socks)
  • Tissue Box
  • Splash Pants
  • Snow Pants
  • Indoor Shoes (No slippers, dress shoes or heels)
  • Mittens or Gloves (Extra set)
  • Warm hat
  • Light Pants
  • Scarf or Neck Warmer

 Parent Committee Meetings:

Parent Committee Meetings will be held two (2) times a year. However, we on occasion hold special events such as an art show and graduation which parents are invited to attend. Of course at any time you have a question or concern, we have an open door policy and any time parents want to meet we will accommodate.

Topics on Agenda will include:

1) Programs provided

2) Equipment and materials available to children

3) Staffing patterns and staff qualifications

4) Safety Care & Well Being of the Children

5) Licensing status

We then will post the agenda/minutes of each of the meetings on our parent board and parents can receive a copy upon request.

Health Policies:

At JRCC, we are concerned about the health and safety of all children and teachers at the centre. Teachers are strict about enforcing health regulations.  Infections can spread rapidly within a child care centre so universal precautionary measures are taken at all times.


If your child is going to be absent due to illness call the centre and notify the staff of the condition of your child.
Please do not send your child if there is any question of illness as we are not equipped to accommodate sick children. Children who exhibit the following will not be accepted for care:

Children who exhibit conditions of illness which make him/her unable to cope with the regular activities of his/her program
Children who exhibit symptoms of a contagious or transmittable illness (i.e. fever, diarrhea, vomiting, infection, persistent coughing, swollen glands, unidentified rash, pain/aches, chicken pox, etc.)

If your child becomes ill while attending the centre, you will be notified immediately and will be expected to have an authorized person pick up your child within a reasonable amount of time. Your child will need to stay home until the condition is cleared and at least 24 hours after being sent home. This is a precaution to prevent further illness and the spread of the illness to other children. 
Please inform the daycare if your child has a contagious condition which has been diagnosed by a medical doctor.
You will be informed of any contagious condition your child may have been exposed to while at the centre.
Once diagnosed with a contagious condition, your child is not permitted to return to the centre without a letter from his/her doctor stating that he/she is past the contagious period of the condition and able to participate in centre activities.
In the event that your child has been hospitalized for any reason, he/she will require a note from the doctor stating that he/she is ready to return to the centre.


  • The teachers at JRCC are only permitted to give medication authorized by a doctor or parent.
  •  All medication must be in the original container with a readable label.
  • You will be asked to complete an authorization form for each new medication (or provide a written letter    of consent), stating your child’s name, date, nature of and reason for the drug, complete instructions on administration and dosage and any other special instruction.
  • Over the counter medication will not be given by a teacher unless written instructions are received from the parent or your child’s doctor. An authorization form is still required to be filled out.
  • Please send measuring utensils along with your child’s medication.
  • All medications are to be given directly to a teacher and not left in your child’s cubby for safety reasons.
  • A child who has been prescribed an antibiotic must take it for 24 hours before returning to the centre.
  • Certain medical procedures can only be done with special training.  These cases will be covered by your child’s Individual Care Plan.

 HIV and AIDS Policies:

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) the virus that leads to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is not transmitted through every day contact.  No firmed cases of transmission through casual contact or biting have been reported.  HIV is transmitted from one person to another by sperm, vaginal secretions, breast milk, and blood and from mother to child during pregnancy.  HIV is considered a disability and by law discrimination on the basis of disability is illegal.  Parents have no obligation to tell a child care facility if they are aware that their child is HIV-positive.  If such information is disclosed to an associated member of JRCC, he/she has an ethical obligation to keep the information confidential.

 Proper Hygiene:

JRCC helps control the spread of infections by practicing proper hygiene and universal precautions.

  • Children and teachers wash their hands thoroughly with warm water and soap before meals, after toileting, before and after administering first aid and throughout the day as required.
  •  The cook will always wear a hair covering or pulled back when preparing and serving food.
  • Toys, dishes and eating surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • Floors are swept daily and as required throughout the day.
  • Laundry is done every other day or as needed.
  • Children do not share sleeping blankets or pillows as well each child will have their own sleeping mat which will be wiped down and sanitized regularly. And stored inside a plastic, no-porous, labeled bag.
  •  Kitchen and bathrooms are cleaned daily and sanitized.
  • Garbage is taken out daily and more often if necessary and placed in an outside sealed garbage can and picked up on regular scheduled garbage days.
  • Weekly, the centre is given a thorough cleaning from top to bottom.
  • Windows are opened regularly to air the centre out.

 Universal precautions adapted by JRCC are:

  • Hands are washed immediately after exposure to blood and all other bodily secretions.

  • All cuts are covered with a sterile bandage until healed.

  • Disposable latex gloves are worn when treating open cuts.

  • Blood-soiled surfaces are disinfected with bleach which kills HIV.

  •  Laundry stained with blood and other bodily secretions is washed separately in hot soapy water.

  • Materials stained with blood and other bodily secretions are placed in sealed garbage bags and discarded in a lined covered plastic container.

 Emergency Information:

JRCC is inspected regularly by the Fire Department, annually by Public Health and bi-annually by the Department of Community Services. We have regular fire drills and all teachers have been trained in First Aid and CPR. Unfortunately, due to reports about violent acts and other emergencies such as ‘violent person’, bomb threats and other such acts, JRCC has developed a lock-down procedure for staff and children in case of an unlikely occurrence.  Lock-down will be practiced at least once a year.

Please inform the centre of any changes to your address, place of work, telephone numbers and authorization list.

 Notable Situation Reports:

Teachers are required to complete a notable situation report form for any accident which requires first-aid treatment by the staff. It will be signed by the teacher who administered treatment, by the Director and by the parent, then placed in your child’s file.  Parent/guardian is to be informed of the injury as soon as possible (depending on the extent of the injury) maintaining confidentiality of any concerned parties. JRCC require parents to report any injuries that your child receives outside the centre.

 Emergency Medical Treatments:

It is the teacher’s responsibility to handle emergency medical treatments for which they are trained. Each teacher will keep updated training in Emergency First Aid and CPR.  If a child requires medical treatment the parent/guardian will be called at an appropriate time (depending on the extent of the injury) and required to take the child for professional medical attention. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached an authorized person will be called to fulfill this responsibility and contact with the parent/guardian will continue to be made.

If contact with the parent/guardian or authorized person has not been made and your child requires immediate medical attention, a teacher will accompany your child to the Soldiers Memorial Hospital. The other teachers will continue to reach a contact person who will be expected to meet your child at the hospital. Staff must return to the centre as soon as possible. If your child requires emergency medical treatment due to life-threatening incident, an ambulance will be called and a teacher will accompany your child to the hospital. Parent must sign consent form on the application form given concerning the medical treatment procedure.

 Emergency Evacuation:

In the event that we have to evacuate the centre due to fire or other emergency and the centre must close, you or an authorized person will be contacted immediately and expected to pick up your child immediately at the designated emergency location. Ask a teacher for address of emergency location.

 Safety Protocol/Standard Operational Procedures:

At JRCC we do all that we can to keep your children safe and to avoid injury. Attached to this form is our Playground Rules as well as our S.O.P. for stairs and the playground area.

You will also find that these protocols are posted in the appropriate areas and followed at all times.  

Fee Structure:

Just Right Child Care acknowledges that quality child care staff is crucial for a centre to run successfully and we try to keep fees as low as possible while at the same time employ qualified and suitable teachers. JRCC’s aim is to provide second to none quality care for your child.

  •  Parents/guardians will be required to complete a detailed application form to be placed on file and a copy will be given for their records if requested. Along with the completed application there must be a valid immunization record attached or if you have chosen to not immunize your child, then you must sign a waiver to signify your choice.
  • Upon enrollment, a one week deposit must be made to ensure your child's spot. If no deposit is made, then that spot will be left open for the first available paying customer. The deposit also must be made prior to or on your child’s first day. If for some reason you choose not to enroll your child after a deposit has been made, then the monies will be returned to you with a service charge of 10% of the total of the payment deducted.
  • Parents/guardians will be required to pay child care fees two weeks or one month in advance.
  • All bills are emailed to parents. Please ensure you have a working email account that can be used. Also, at times, emails can be delivered to spam or junk mail. If you have not received your ebill after one week from the due date and it is not in your spam or junk mail, please contact the office administrator and a new ebill will be sent out to you. If emails from us are going to your junk mail, you must indicate in your email that they are not junk and they will then be sent to your inbox.
  •  Fees can be paid by cash or email money transfer made payable to “Just Right Child Care”  Email Money Transfer is the fastest, most reliable form of payment and our preferred method.
  • Payments ARE required during vacation times (except where payment is not applicable), all designated holidays that fall on your child's regular day of attendance and sick days.  Vacation time is not granted to school aged children.
  • Parents will not pay for emergency storm days in which the centre is closed if deemed too dangerous to travel by RCMP, Department of Transportation or other such official.
  • Parents with school aged children pay only for the days they have scheduled. A schedule is required at the beginning of the month where you will be billed based on the information given. If you have scheduled a day, payment will be required for that day, just as all other children at JRCC are billed. No refunds will be given for scheduled days you decide not to use. If more days are needed then scheduled, then the days will be added on to your next month’s bill or can be paid up at the end of the month, if available.
  • A fee will be charged for each day that your child is scheduled to be in attendance, but no contact is made with the daycare by 9:30 a.m. the day of, to inform us that your child will be absent. The fee is $5.00 per day. This will only be charged if not contact via email or phone is made.

Late Payments:

If payment is late, past the due date assigned on your e-bill, a 15% charge on the balance will be applied automatically and withdrawal of your child will follow if full payment is not made within one week. Payment is always required in advance of your child’s attendance.  The office administrator or the Director will contact you regarding the matter and payment will be required in full, along with the late charge.  E-Bills are usually sent out at least one week before due date. A text message will be sent to you if not contact is made directly or by email.

Late Departure Fee:

Parent/guardians who pick up their child after 5:30 p.m. may be charged $10/child for every 15 minutes they are late. The parent/guardian will be required to sign the late contract and a copy will be placed on your child’s file. A copy of the ‘Late Fee’ contract is included in this policy.


Upon withdrawal from the centre it is required that parent/guardian give at least a two weeks’ notice.  Failure to do so will result in a one-week payment penalty.

 JRCC will do everything is its power to ensure all children receive just and fair treatment.  However, under extreme situations it may be deemed appropriate to request parent/guardian to withdraw their child from the centre. This will never be done without prior consultation with the parent/guardian. JRCC will give the parent/guardian two weeks’ notice should this situation arise.

Nutritional Information:

JRCC’s menus are approved by the Department of Health, Nutrition Services annually and follow the Canada Food Guide for Children. Our menu plans run on a rotation and include a wide variety of foods. The day’s menu will be posted each day for your information. If your child has any food allergies or aversions or requires supplements due to a medical condition please notify us. You will be responsible for providing these foods/supplements for your child.  JRCC will try to accommodate your child’s needs however there may be times when it will be necessary for you to provide lunch, snacks or milk alternatives for your child.

On site is an experienced cook/housekeeper for all food preparation. A morning and afternoon snack each include foods from at least two food groups (One being a vegetable or fruit item) and a full course lunch including all recommended food groups. The staff will not force children to eat or withhold favorite foods but encourage children through positive modeling and reinforcement to try new or other foods. Please keep us informed about any food allergies. All food purchased or donated for JRCC is from government inspected facilities such as Superstore, Sobey’s, Walmart, Costco, Groucher’s Farm Market & Avery’s Farm Market.

Food & Nutrition Regulations in a Daycare Setting

1. Food is not Used to Reinforce Desired Behaviors
When children are respected for who they are and are supported by caring adults and peers to resolve difficult situations, external motivators, such as food, are not required. Using food as a motivator teaches children that food is associated with an action and not with hunger. It can teach children to prefer some foods over others and can alter children’s natural ability to respond to internal cues that allow them to know when they are hungry and when they are full.  

(1) Care providers do not offer food to reinforce positive behaviors.
(2) Care providers do not withhold food as a consequence for inappropriate behaviors.
(3) Food is not used as a reward for completing a task or finishing a meal (e.g. dessert will not be withheld if the child does not finish the main meal).

When a child’s team (which may include staff, external professionals and the child’s parents/guardians) has determined that food is the most appropriate and natural way to reinforce desired behaviors and support the child’s development, then a routine-based plan (RBP) must be developed for the child. The RBP must include a plan for replacing and/or reducing the use of food as a motivator.

2. Staff and care providers encourage children to respond to hunger and feelings of fullness and children are not forced to finish food that has been served.

3. Staff and care providers create a relaxing and enjoyable environment (e.g. plan for transitions in routine from play to meal/snack)

 Rest Period:

Children sleep according to individual needs. JRCC has a one or two hour rest period after lunch. All children are required to rest on their bodies for at least 15-30 minutes including children who do not sleep. After 30 minutes the children who are not asleep may engage in quiet activities for the remaining time in the designated Awake Room.

 Policy on Reporting Child Abuse:

As per the protocols outlined by the Department of Community Services for the prevention and reporting of child abuse, JRCC is legally required to report all cases of suspected child abuse.


Just Right Child Care strictly adheres to confidentiality practices. Any information received is for JRCC’s purpose and will not be shared with anyone who is not authorized.  Records are updated regularly and destroyed after a period of time when a child ceases to attend JRCC. Parent/guardians can have access to their child’s records at any time. The Director/Owner will be happy to assist you in this manner.

JRCC recognizes that a well-planned program with interesting activities helps prevent most inappropriate behaviors. We structure our programs with a variety of developmentally appropriate and interesting activities that encourage children to participate with acceptable behaviors. Under certain circumstances a teacher may use physical contact to guide behavior in such instances as holding a child who is in danger of injuring self or others. When a child’s inappropriate behaviors become a concern, teacher and parent/guardian will meet to determine a consistent behavior Management Plan for use at home and at the centre.

Behavior Guidance Policy:

JRCC will follow the guidelines outlined in the Behavior Guidance Policy. This will be reviewed with you during your child’s orientation and will require your signature on your child’s application form to show that this procedure was followed through. The following policies are designed to help each child develop self-control and self-confidence so that he/she will have the ability to act appropriately in given situations.

  • Teachers will not use corporal or physical punishment in any form.
  • Teachers will not use harsh, humiliating, belittling, or degrading responses of any form, including verbal, emotional or physical
  • Teachers will not confine or isolate children
  • Teachers will not deprive a child of the basic needs including food (i.e. snacks, desserts), shelter, clothing or bedding
  • Teachers will not withhold child’s favorite comfort item at rest time

Behavior guidance techniques used by teachers at JRCC include:

  • Acceptable alternatives for unacceptable behaviors (explanations and modeling of appropriate behavior and reasons why some behavior are inappropriate focusing on the behavior not the child such as: “When you throw sand at Kyle, it hurts his eyes.  Please keep the sand in the box.”)
  • Positive reinforcement (recognizing/rewarding appropriate behaviors with praise such as:  “I really liked how you took turns with Sally, great job!”)
  • Positive directions (positive statement of expected behavior such as: “walk, please” instead of saying “don’t run inside.”)
  • Real choices (child is given a choice of acceptable alternatives such as: “do you want to help clean up the Lego or the play dough?” instead “do you want to help clean up?”)
  • Modeling by staff appropriate behaviors (such as: saying ‘thank you and please.’)
  • Age appropriate limits (staff set limits in a positive way and periodically remind children.)


The care providers at Just Right Child Care consists of a Director (owner/operator), Assistant Director , Early Childhood Educators, cook, office administrator, substitutes, volunteers and practicum students.  All care providers, paid and unpaid, who will have direct contact with your child will be screened through Child Abuse Register and Police Check.

 Executive Director (operator):

The Executive Director is responsible to ensure all practices are in line with the Day Care Regulations and all policies, permits and licenses are up-to-date. The Executive Director is a Child and Youth Worker by profession as well as ECE and school-age trained. The Executive Director has many years of experience working in the Human Services field specializing in behavior Management through positive interaction. The Executive Director also functions as a teacher.

Assistant Director:

The Assistant Director is responsible for ensuring all practices are in line with the Day Care Regulations in the absence of the Executive Director. The Assistant Director also functions as a teacher.


According to the Day Care Regulations, the Assistant Director is to have a Level 1, 2 or 3 in Early Childhood Education and a minimum of three years relevant practical experience, including evidence of proficiency in leadership, problem-solving, interpersonal and administrative skills. A current First Aid certificate and a course in infant CPR are also required.

 Early Childhood Educator:

ECE Teachers are responsible for the daily care, instruction and supervision of the children at the centre.  Teachers are responsible for the daily planning, implementation and evaluation of the program activities.


The teachers at JRCC must have completed a training program in Early Childhood Education with a level 1, 2 or 3 as outlined in section 36 (1-5) of the Day Care Act and Regulations. Successful work experience in the field of early childhood education and the necessary personal qualifications, such as good physical strength, patience, dependability, flexibility, ability to relate warmly to children and strong interpersonal skills are also required.


The cook is responsible for planning daily menus in consultation with a nutritionist and the preparation of nutritious meals and snacks for the children.


This position requires demonstrated proficiency in the planning and preparation of nutritious meals and snacks.  Completion of a Food Handlers course is an asset.  Required skills and attributes include a thorough familiarity with the Canada Food Guide and the elements of nutrition, the ability to relate to children, patience, interpersonal skills and good physical health.

Office Administration:

The office administrator is responsible for the children scheduling and admissions, as well as billing, collecting payment, writing receipts and other office administrative duties. Please see the Director or email office manager if you have any administrative questions.


Substitutes fill in when a teacher requires a replacement.


It is recommended by Day Care Regulations that teacher’s substitutes have completed relevant training in Early Childhood Education and/or Special Needs and previous successful field experience or equivalence. Other required skills and attributes are similar to those required for all teachers.

 Practicum Students:

Practicum students are supervised by the teachers and the Director. One teacher will assume the responsibility of supervisor for a practicum student.  Duties of the student will be determined by their institution and their personal goals while participating in centre activities.  Students will be expected to gradually assume more responsibilities as their length of time at the centre increases. Students will follow the same guidelines set for substitutes with the addition that they are never left alone with the children. Practicum students are unpaid and are therefore not included in teacher/child ratios.


Volunteers are always welcome at JRCC to assist teachers in the classroom. They will work under the direction of the teachers. Requirements and responsibilities will vary with the situation. Volunteers will also be responsible for signing in and out of the volunteer binder, stating the date, classroom and hours worked for filing purposes.

 JRCC Daily Schedule

 Preschool & School Age Children (3-5 years) (6-12 years)

 Monday – Friday (Full Day)

Free Play

Activity Time/Table Top


 Outside Play (Weather Permitting)

Lunch (11:30 a.m.)

 Rest Time


Teacher Directed Activity/Physical Activity

 Outside Play (Weather Permitting)

Reading –teacher will read a variety of topics and age appropriateness for each age group; may use story boards, giant books, etc.

 Co-operative games (Music & Movement) – this will allow the preschooler to learn appropriate social skills such as getting along, taking turns, co-operation and problem solving.

 Free Play – this will provide opportunity for the preschooler to use their creative ability.

 Cultural/art – this will expose the preschooler to diversity focusing on social inclusion issues around culture, race, and ability. Children will have opportunity to discover variety of people, places and things from around the world. 

 Outdoor play – this will allow the preschooler to develop various skills around social interaction, gross motor skills in a supervised, sometime and sometime not, directed play. 

 Education activity (Table Top/Circle) - this will help to prepare the preschooler to enter into primary.


School Age Children (6-12 years old)

Monday – Friday (Before & After School)


Breakfast or Free Play

Prepare for bus Pick Up

(Children in School)

Meet Children at bus

Personal Care & Snack

Outside Play (Weather Permitting)


Toddlers (18 to 36 months)

Monday - Friday

Free Play

Activity Time/Room


Outside Play (Weather Permitting)

 Lunch (11:30 a.m.)

 Quiet Time


Teacher Directed Activity

 Outside Play (Weather Permitting) 

Inside supervised non-directed play will provide opportunity for the toddler to discover texture, sound, and develop their curiosity and creativity.

Toileting will be an opportunity for the toddler to recognize when they need to go or to develop the control over holding themselves.  This will help with the development of toilet training and train the body to a pattern of relieving oneself.

Outside supervised non-directed play will allow the toddler to experience the various sounds and textures of nature as well provide opportunity for fresh air and development of gross motor skills and social interaction with their peer group such as taking turns and sharing.

Story time will allow the toddler to become familiar with books and sitting quietly while listening to a story.

Supervised non-directed play will allow the toddler to discover manipulatives and opportunity to satisfy their curiosity of the world around them.

At JRCC, the following items listed below will be posted in a conspicuous place for any person to see and to refer to:

A copy of the Daycare Act and these regulations:  Pre-School Cubby Area Community Bulletin Board

A copy of the Parent Handbook: Pre-School Cubby Area Community Bulletin Board & Toddler Cubby Area

The License for the Facility: Pre-School Cubby Area Bulletin Board & Toddler Cubby Area

A copy of the report of the most recent inspection of the facility: Pre-School Cubby Area Bulletin Board

A copy of the licensee’s behavior guidance policy: Pre-School Cubby Area Bulletin Board

A copy of the current Menu: Pre-School Cubby Area Bulletin Board& In kitchen

A copy of the daily program plan and routine: Pre-School, Toddler & School Age Bulletin Board

A list of the names of the current members of the parent committee: Pre-School Cubby Area Bulletin Board

A copy of the most recent minutes from the parent committee: Pre-School Cubby Area Bulletin Board

Notification of funding provided by the Minister: Pre-School Cubby Area Bulletin Board

Any information required by the Minister: Pre-School Cubby Area Bulletin Board


15143 Hwy 1

Kingston, Nova Scotia

B0P 1R0

Late Fee Contract:

The Centre is opened from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  As outlined in the parent policy and application/contract a child picked up past 5:30 p.m. will be charged according to the fees below.  Please fill in the information below then date and sign.

Date child picked up late ____________________________________


Name of Child ___________________________________________


Time child picked up ___________________


I agree to pay the late fee penalty of _________ as outlined in my application/contract.


Up to 15 minutes - $10

Up to 30 minutes - $20

Up to 45 minutes - $30

Up to one hour     - $40


Name of parent/guardian _______________________________________________


______________________________________                  _______________________

Signature                                                               Date


______________________________________                ________________________

Signature of Care Provider                                    Date