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15143 Hwy #1 Wilmot Nova Scotia B0P 1R0

Phone: (902) 242-3080

Email: jrcc@justrightchildcare.com

We are proud to be so well received by our parents and community. Read what they have to say about Just Right Child Care! 


Thank you so much for all your excellent care and kindness (and patience!) over the past 3 years. We will miss you!


We want to thank-you so much for all your hard work. Our daughter loves everyone and enjoys coming everyday. I feel confident that she is fully prepared for school and that is thanks to you guys. See you in the Fall!

JRCC is a very welcoming environment. Staff members are there to help the children and provide an environment which allows growth in each child. It's great when the children enjoy going to "school" each day.

A.S. 09/2016

My daughter has been attending JRCC for over 2 years and my son started attending about 10 months ago. At JRCC, I feel that my children's educational, social and safety needs are meet. They are provided with nutritious food, adequate individual attention and the Staff is well educated and caring. The mix of structured vs. free play time is balanced and I really like the amount of outside time they have each day. Ultimately, the kids are happy there and I trust the JRCC staff in every aspect of my children's care while they are in attendance.


I am so happy my child is in your daycare. I feel very confident that she will be prepared for school. I also know that she will get all the love and hugs she needs throughout the day. Thanks for everything you do.

S.A.K. 07/2013
We are very happy with the teachers, curriculum and environment. We noticed she is growing a lot, learning and sharing in a more comfortable manner. She loves going to "escuela" (Spanish word for school) and play with her friends and teachers, that makes us happy because it shows the effort that everyone puts in providing a safe and caring environment.

T & H. N. 07/2013
Thank you so much for everything you have done for our son. We are so proud of the little man he is becoming and we owe that to the hard work and dedication of those at JRCC! You will be truly missed, especially by the little man.

T.M. 02/2013
I am really happy with the progress my son has made since attending Just Right Daycare!

M.D. 12/20/2012
So far, so good! My son's first month into English daycare is going well, already speaking a lot of English. Carole and all the staff is doing a great job integrating my son. Could not ask for better for my son. Thanks

Anonymous 12/14/2012
We are very happy with the centre and the teachers. Our daughter loves coming, playing with new friends and learning.

Anonymous 9/17/2012
Great learning program for the children. The children are treated as individuals and not numbers. Staff are able to quickly identify child to parent. I was a bit worried about leaving my daughter with strangers, however, after her first day, all worries were gone!

Anonymous 4/24/2012
Great Job! Idea for next year: have a list of fundraisers that you will do throughout the year to help the parents prepare for upcoming events.

G.B. 4/19/2012
The quality care provided by all staff members is outstanding to me. The program is well balanced and provides a wonderful learning experience for my child.

Anonymous 4/16/2012
We are very pleased with the level of care our child receives with Just Right Child Care. They always have nutritious meal plans, as well as a high level of Educational programming. The staff are friendly and loving. With an open door policy, where any concern we have ever had were welcomed and we could always come to an agreed plan of action for any situation that may occur. I would highly recommend this daycare. If you want your child to have a fun, educational, loving environment to spend their time when you can't be there, this is the place for your family!

T.W. 3/28/2012
"We are very happy with everything and everyone at Just Right Child Care. Our daughter loves going to "playschool". All the staff have been friendly and courteous. The interaction between the staff and the kids, as well as the parents, is great. The communication lines are always open which makes it easy to discuss any concerns or issues - of which we have none. I personally love the communication book, it gives me a quick overview of my daughter's day and helps me to ask her questions about her day that don't just get a one word answer. All in all, we are very satisfied and hope our daughter can stay until she starts school. Thank You!